Week six and seven – Albarracin

So it’s been a few weeks since we got round to posting anything, sorry about that. We’ve been climbing a lot since the weather improved. 

We’re improving a lot from being out here, and seem to be pushing grades, working really hard, shoulders and skin a getting worked particularly hard here, with top outs being hard, and the friction being so good. 

A lot of this improvement has been a result of a Finnish couple we’ve met and spent a lot of time with over the last few weeks. Emil and Miia are doing a five month bouldering trip which started around the same time as ours. They’re both super strong and have been helping us loads. I’d like to think we’re helping them a little too! 

We tend to mostly climb together at the minute, they’ve been here a few times before and know the area really well. We’ve got a huge list of recommended problems to try and get to before we leave. Not sure we’ll get to them all but we’re trying! 

In other news we had our first, sort of van related problem. Nothing too serious, the leisure battery that runs everything in the back of the van decided to give up, probably because of the cold weather. 

After some googling we managed to find a Euro master half an hour away so we set off, the nearest parking spot was a five minute walk away which would have been fine if not for the ridiculously heavy battery we had to carry. Once we got there, they eventually managed to get us what we needed via a lot of pointing, and bad spainish, which resulted in using google translate on the computer. 150€ later and we are getting a lift to the van off a member of staff so we don’t have to walk with the new one.

We also had a bit of an adventure finding gas again. To be honest we were surprised that it ran out so quickly. But with it usually being about 10 degrees in the van and a lot less outside, it’s not surprising that were using more.

The nearest town is about twenty miles away, and we decided that would be the best place to look, given that there didn’t appear to be any hardware stores in Ablarracin, and that was where we’d found gas before. After five hours of hunting in a number of hardware stores, we still had no gas. So we did some food shopping, and got a McDonald’s to help us deal with our lack of success. We headed home, and on the way back we found what was apparently a hardware store on the outskirts of Albarracin, that turned out to be nothing too. 

As a last effort we tried the local campsite, a two minute drive from where we had been sleeping and the place we’d stayed in to get the battery charged, and at last a bit of success!  We’re hoping it’ll last a bit longer than the one we had before, given that we’ll be moving to warmer climates soon. 

We’ve had some pretty crazy weather here so far, the warmer days are around 13-14 degrees in the sun, but the nights have all been pretty cold, getting as low as -4 in the mornings. For the first few weeks we were here we’d be leaving the heating on overnight. We’ve had to stop doing that as we ran the van battery flat by mistake which thankfully was easy to sort as the people parked next to us spoke enough English to give us a jump. So now we’re not running the heater though the night we’ve woken up to some pretty cold starts. The lowest we’ve had so far inside the van in the morning is 0.5 degrees. It’s not all bad though once the sun’s up it’s pretty warm outside, so quite often we’ve been having egg and soldiers or cereal in the sun on the bouldering mats 

In the next post we’ll be writing a bit about how our Christmas and new years went, and where we’re heading next.


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  1. Hope you’ve both had a lovely Christmas & New Years! Just caught up on the last few posts….December was crazy busy as always so it slipped my mind….sorry! Have thought about you guys though & eagerly await the next posts 🙂


    1. Jon Thorne says:

      No worries Sarah always good to hear from you. Next one will be coming up soon, should start writing in the next few days


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