North wales – UK trip

I’m not sure what it is about north wales, it never ever disappoints.Whether you come for the top notch bouldering, a life times supply of trad, hiking, or just to get out into the middle of nowhere anyway from everything, north wales has got you covered.

Making our way up north

For us it’s always the bouldering, in part because we don’t have any trad skills between us (yet), and also because by the time we’ve done even a fraction of the bouldering we want to, the trips over and it’s time to go home. Seriously, there’s so much, and it’s all so good, every visit we go somewhere new, but also revisit places we’ve been and repeat problems we’ve done before. Which for us is a little unusual, but the quality is so high we always feel like it’s worth visiting problems/areas.

Trying to find the way down to Porth Ysgo boulders

This year we spent a little time in a lot of places, so the trip looked a little like

RAC boulders – Repeating lots of problems, Coleman and I both sent Marsh Dyno (V5). Beth got close on Pump Traverse (V4). Such a great spot, just off the road, plenty in the low grades to mid grades.

Sheep pen – Just a bit of exploring, climbed a few easier problems, the best being a V3 that I’ve completely forgotten the name of (picture below)

Sheep Pen – What a backdrop

Porth Ysgo – After a bit of a bad start weather wise, eventually decided to give Porth Ysgo a go, really amazing location, didn’t end up climbing much, but was worth the drive just to be down by the sea.


Llanberis pass boulders – Went and found some more of the boulders on the south side of the pass, climbed a few problems on Utopia, Pie shop and Wavelength boulders. Beth and Lauren both got close to a V3 on the Pie shop boulder, and me and Coleman making good progress on King of Drunks (V6), but no send. I think we were all pretty shattered by this point, so I’m sure next time it’ll be a breeze.

Beth – Just about to stick first move on a problem on Pie Shop boulder

We’ve never used a campsite while in North Wales, it’s easy for us to make do with the lay-by’s in the area. We also took advantage of the lakes this time too, stopping off for a quick wash before it got too dark and cold. It was a refreshing experience (see expressions in photo below), as I’m sure you can imagine the water wasn’t exactly warm, but, all good practice for when we go to Europe.


Really looking forward to coming back to North Wales after being away, hopefully come back much stronger, would love to look at some of the problems on Jerry’s roof! Hopefully by then there will be a guidebook back in print and we can sample even more of what’s on offer!

Next post after this will be from sunny Spain!

Beautiful scenery 

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