Van life – UK – 80 days in

You see pictures all over Instagram, #vanlife, they’re all in these gorgeous locations living the simple life in the sun. They’re seeing the world, living outdoors, looks like a dream come true for some (myself included). So what happens when you take away these wonderful outdoor settings and the freedom of not having to work, the sun (for the most part anyway)?

You get something that looks like our situation, living in Cardiff, working 9-5, basically living a normal life except getting home involves driving your home back to somewhere you can keep it for the night and picking up your other half on the way. At this point most people are thinking this sounds pretty rough, in reality it’s actually pretty easy, or we think so anyway. So lets be clear, we do have places to shower, and access to a bathroom most of the time, so we’re not in the van 100%, but were about 80-90% there.

So today is day 80 doing normal life stuff and van life at the same time, so I thought I’d share a bit about how exactly it works, for anyone wondering if they can pull it off.

6:30 – Alarm goes off, queue complaining about how early it is, and hitting snooze.
6:40 – The day actually starts, I get up, pull some clothes at random from my cupboard, get dressed, brush my teeth, normal morning stuff. Beth’s making herself a coffee and trying to work out what to wear.
7:00 – Bit of rehab for me, Beth’s having cereal and coffee in bed, then getting dressed.
7:15 – Drop Beth at her mums house so she can shower etc, I then head to work.
7:45 – Get into work, sort my laptop out, get in the shower, head to the diner downstairs, get breakfast
8:15 – Work starts, don’t worry I’ll skip this part
12:00 – Lunch, usually eating left overs from the night before
15:00 – Early dinner, again more leftovers normally
16:00 – Home time! Back into the van and off to pick Beth up from one of a few locations depending on where she had work that day
16:30 – Free time, usually spent climbing, walking, or training, after this we take the van somewhere for the night (often near Beths’ mums’ for convenience, and it’s really quiet)
20:00 – If we need to we’ll cook a big batch of something for the next few days
21:00 – Into bed, watch TV for an hour or so then bed time.

That’s pretty much it, looks pretty normal I think.

If anyone has any questions please post them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer.



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